Wikis, blogs and Web 2.0

For the benefit of our English colleagues, here is a translation of the summary of the REFAD document Wikis, blogs and Web 2.0. Opportunities and impacts for distance learning. As the Web 2.0 also offers translation tools (like Google Translate, Reverso or Yahoo-Babel fish), they will also be able to access other parts of the document, if interested. / Au bénéfice de nos collègues anglophones, voici une traduction du sommaire du document Wikis, blogues et Web 2.0 Opportunités et impacts pour la formation à distance du REFAD. Comme le Web 2.0 propose aussi des outils de traduction (comme Google Translate, Reverso ou Yahoo-Babel fish), ils pourront aussi avoir accès aux autres contenus qui pourraient les intéresser.

Wikis, blogs and Web 2.0.  Impacts and opportunities for distance learning


This document has three main objectives. It aims to help educational teams to:
•     learn about Web 2.0 and its tools,
•     explore their opportunities for education,
•     reflect on their impact, particularly in distance education.

It includes:
•     An overview of Web 2.0, its features, its technologies and the social media it offers to education.
•     Fact sheets on each of its main tools: wikis, blogs, social networks, micro-blogging, sharing sites, RSS, aggregators and social bookmarking.
•     Examples of their uses as well as resources for further exploration.
•     An analysis of possible impacts of this participatory Web on philosophies, practices, skills and organizations in the field.

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